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About Xavyr

Have you ever wished you could use your Apple Magic Mouse (or any other conventional computer mouse, for that matter) in a more comfortable, ergonomic way?

Well, you’re in luck!

Xavyr lets you use your conventional computer mouse in a more ergonomic position, giving you a more comfortable “mousing” experience and reducing potential strain on your wrist.


It all started way back in 2010 with a twinge in my right wrist… At first I thought I’d slept on it funny, or perhaps it was the universe’s way of telling me to cut back on martial arts as a middle aged dude. 

But no… It was my standard “work from home” setup with a conventional computer keyboard and mouse.

As I looked for ergonomic options, I stumbled on Microsoft’s ergonomic keyboard.

Let me tell you… It made all the difference in terms of comfort. Using the ergonomic keyboard was like going from a metal folding chair to a BarcaloungerMy wrists were WAYYY happier.

Then I looked at my mouse, then back at my new keyboard, then back a my mouse… And something seemed to be “off”… 

I tried using a vertical mouse, but:
  1. It just didn’t feel right, and
  2. I didn’t want to give up the Magic Mouse’s touch pad surface and seamless functionality with my Mac.

Am I an ergonomics expert…? Far from it…! But armed with some determination, many nights and weekends, and a rudimentary understanding of basic angles (thanks PCD geometry!) I built various angled mouse pad prototypes that mimicked the ~14 degree angle of the Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. 

The result is the Xavyr—an ergonomic mouse pad that mimics the ergonomic slant of Microsoft’s ergonomic keyboard with sophisticated design and comfort.

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The Xavyr is for those who seek ergonomic comfort in their digital pursuits without compromising on the aesthetic value of their workspace. 

After using prototypes for years, I started manufacturing Xavyr in small batches. Each Xavyr is built by hand in Ridgefield, Connecticut, U.S.A. 

Xavyr is designed to be a bridge between practical design, physical health and aesthetic appeal.

I use it every day… I hope it brings the same relief and joy to you as it does for me.

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